#SaintandSinner Influenster voxbox

I was lucky enough to get two voxboxes in one day! This one was a surprise that I didn’t know was coming.

I heard that this perfume set was popular in the 90’s and then was discontinued, so there was a lot of hype about this being back! The Saint smell was clean, lighter, and floral, while the Sinner scent was heavier, something closer to a cologne, in my opinion.

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes.


BITE Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick

I’m not a fan of lipstick because it dries out my lips and doesn’t apply smooth, but this is something that I can get on board with! It goes on like a gloss, so it’s easy to apply, and didn’t crease or crack. I wore it for a few hours during the workday. The pigment is almost exactly as you see it in the tube, so there aren’t any surprises when you put it on. Yes, the lip primer does help! I found it prepped my lips similar to using a chapstick before applying the lipstick, keeping my lips more moisturized. It has a subtle minty smell, which I enjoyed.

The colour options are excellent – there’s many to choose from so there is something for everyone. Overall, if you are looking for a lipstick alternative, give this a try!

I received this product free for review purposes.


Social Nature: Roasted Chickpeas by Three Farmers

It’s always fun to try new snacks! Thanks to Social Nature, I got to try two flavours of Roasted Chickpeas by Three Farmers: sea salt & lime, and balsamic & cracked pepper.

The sea salt & lime were a lighter flavour than the balsamic & cracked pepper. If you like anything with a vinegar base, you will love the balsamic flavour, but it is the bolder flavour option. The sea salt & lime had a light salt flavour and the lime wasn’t too sour.

Overall, I liked both and would purchase!


#trynatural #GotItFree


Spring Vibes from Influenster

I’ve been pretty fortunate to be a part of a few Vox Boxes, but this was the first multi-item box that I’ve received. It was nice to try a variety of products and I discovered a few new products that I love!

A few comments on the products:

  • If you love mac and cheese, you need to try the Annie’s brand!
  • Not gonna lie, I didn’t like pop sockets, until I tried one. It’s pretty convenient! My phone felt more secure in my hand. If you’re a phone dropper, get a pop socket.
  • The Nivea body oil was something I was surprised that I liked. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and my skin is more moisturized and smooth. I apply it when I get out of the shower so that it has time to dry and soak into my skin (which doesn’t take long).

Disclosure: I received these products free/complimentary for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own.

My carry-on essentials


I’m a weirdo and I think it’s fun to pack my carry-on. I’m fortunate enough to not have lost my luggage, but because of where I’m going, I can’t afford to not utilize my carry-on should that happen. It’s safe to say I’m putting equally as much thought into what I pack in my carry-on as I do my checked luggage.

Besides the obvious documents you’ll need for your travels (tickets, passport, etc.), here’s what I like to take with me on the plane:

Extra set of clothes. From what I hear, nothing is worse than getting off a plane and finding out that your luggage is delayed or lost. For myself, it’s nice to have the option to change once I’m off the airplane. I also like having the option to change in case I drop food or spill a drink on my clothes (that’s the kind of luck I have).


Tech. Now that Netflix has blessed us with the ability to download shows for offline viewing, I make sure my iPad is charged and ready to go. I’m currently watching House on Netflix. I pack my headphones, iPad, and chargers. I would normally bring a book, but I put a couple on my iPad to save on space and weight.


Beauty. Does my toothbrush count as beauty? Haha. Besides that, I have moisturizer, under eye concealer, mascara, face wipes, and lip balm. I don’t wear a lot of makeup.


Miscellaneous.  I plan on sleeping on the plane, so I’m packing some Gravol to help kickstart my drowsiness. SNACKS. How could I forget about snacks???I have an overnight flight so I don’t plan on eating a lot, but I’m bringing 2 protein bars (these are my favourite) and some crackers. Bonus snack: apparently, I get banana bread on the airline I’m taking.


What are some items you can’t travel without? I’d love to know!

My favourite Instagram accounts

Instagram is my favourite social media platform, hands down. I love the versatility of it – you can learn, tell stories, teach others, showcase beautiful photos, watch videos, and share your hobbies. In planning for my England trip, I’ve searched location tags for day trip ideas and to see what kinds of clothing to pack based on the weather. It’s pretty handy!

Below is a list of the Instagram accounts that I had to turn the post notifications on for because I didn’t want to miss any of their posts! Check them out and give them a follow.

@hol_fox – This account is where cookie dreams are made of. If you are like me and enjoy the cookie frosting community on Instagram, you will love this account. ↓ ↓ ↓

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/hol_fox/

@prepary – She’s a former recruiter who shares job search and career advice. I definitely recommend you give her a follow if you’re a new grad! ↓ ↓ ↓


@alyssa.lenore – Alyssa is one of my three favourite bloggers (don’t worry, the other two will be in this post). She’s very relatable, and her photos and Instagram theme are stunning. Bonus: add her on Snapchat because she’s hilarious. ↓ ↓ ↓


@lilypebbles – I love when you find a YouTuber you like AND they have an awesome Instagram account.  Two places for great content! I love her style and get photo inspiration from her posts. ↓ ↓ ↓


@carly – I can’t think of a blogger more down to Earth than Carly. She takes the time to answer comments on her blog and on social, which is something that normally gets lost when bloggers get big. She makes her followers feel like they are her friend and is personable in all her online interactions. Carly is on my list to meet (fingers crossed she comes to Canada one day). Her blog gives great advice that’s actually doable, which is appreciated. ↓ ↓ ↓


@juliahengel – Fell in love with her hair, stayed for her content. She’s also besties with Carly, above, so when they are together I am extra excited. ↓ ↓ ↓


I’m always on the look out for new Instagram accounts to follow – what accounts are your favourite? 

#TheLipPencil by BITE

Back at it again with another Influenster review! This is the #TheLipPencil by BITE VoxBox**.


The packaging was nicer than any other VoxBox I have received. I received:

  • Bite Beauty Lip Pencil in 020 (lighter colour)
  • Bite Beauty Lip Pencil in 044
  • Bite Beauty Lipstick in Honeycomb (lighter colour)
  • Bite Beauty Lipstick in Whiskey

Here is a swatch of the colours:


I was pleasantly surprised by Whiskey and 044, but fell in love with Honeycomb and 020. I’m not normally a lipstick person, but BITE is a good start. Both the lip pencil and lipstick went on very smooth and were more creamy than any other lipstick I have used. My lips felt moisturized when I took it off too. I did try it with my chapped, Canadian winter lips (haha), so I recommend exfoliating before using the products. Clearly, I’m a newbie to the lipstick world!


If you aren’t on Influenster, I really recommend you join! This is my third VoxBox, and I’ve had the opportunity to try John Frieda and Orville Redenbacher’s Canada products. Can’t go wrong with getting free products to try 🙂


**I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.

@BiteBeauty @Influenster #TheLipPencil #contest.